The Cash Services is the fastest-growing world currency processor. EGOC provides qualified and well equipped team of trained Cash Services Professionals, having secure operation centers across the world. They successfully manage and move more than billions of US dollars in cash every single day.
EGOC' comprehensive cash management strategies give our clients the peace of mind in order to focus on growing and enhancing their business, and achieving their goals. We encourage veterans to join our team and explore careers in armed and armored truck transport; cash vault services, physical security services across the world.

Basic Information

The Cash Services is a social welfare organization designed to meet the needs of the peoples in cash transaction and cash assistance. They offer full spectrum security coverage from risk assessments and consulting, to security tech, all the way to highly trained and capable security personnel. The Cash Services is a global leader in the transportation of not only cash but all valuable items by armoured vehicles. It has various branches in the world which render cash logistic services, including ATMs, money exchange services, and cash vault services.


Under the banner of EGOC, the Cash Services has safely-built armored truck company. It is also the fastest-growing currency processor in the world and our end-to-end cash services solutions go far beyond the secure transportation of your assets, so choose our company for a reduced risk profile provided by a single chain of custody to serve all your cash processing needs. In order to minimize all your worries risks, we provide armored truck services to transport cash and other valuables safely and securely from your business to the banks. The cash services can handle all your cash management needs quickly, safely and cost effectively.

How We Work

Our comprehensive cash services for retail offering can be tailored to fit your needs. Our cash services for retail consists of armored truck transport, cash vault services, preparation of change funds, and key coop (money deposits in your safe in the presence of an armed agent. We provide secure and efficient cash services for all sectors to keep your money safe (from point of sale to the bank). Our company manages your money flows in total security letting your manager's focus on the performance and growth of your business.

Cash Specialized

EGOC is specialized in the transportation and processing of cash and valuable precious metals. They transport banknotes, coins, bulk cash, diamonds, non-personalized smart cards, non-personalized passports and other valuables in the custody of well military-trained personnel by armored truck. This is why in many countries, our company has earned a great name and laurels.



For your kind information, we cover the following sectors:

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    Cash services for Financial Institutions
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    Cash Services for Retailers
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    Cash services for Public Sector
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    Cash services for Government
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    Cash services for Hospitals
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    Cash services for Companies


We understand the many challenges faced by retailers such as theft, errors, fraud etc. and as well as the central role of cash in the profitability equation. Our team develops a personalized plan that allows you to:

Money Handling

Reduce international and external threat and theft, as well as problem associated with money handling.

Verification And Control

Reduce employee errors through improved verification and control.

Peace of Mind

Increase your peace of mind and the safety of your in-store staff and customers.

Increase Profits

Increase profits by focusing your managers' time to value-added tasks.

Business Growth

Focus on business growth, employee productivity and customers' satisfaction.