EGOC' Worksforce Services deals with human resources, employee benefits, talent management, payroll, regulatory compliance and administration for companies of all size.
With our Worksforce you can minimize risk and understand & plan for legislation and regulatory changes. We can help you in gaining expertise and make your access easier to specialized experts without increasing your headcount.

Basic Information

EGOC offers a comprehensive range of services you would expect from an Worksforce firm. We offer specific industry knowledge for customers in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and other industries that may have specific needs in setting up benefits and administrative functions. Our company offers a wide range of private advisory and consultancy services.


We offer our clients access to its vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise in the areas of law, finance, operation, client serving and management. For the last two decades, we have been operating with the fundamental objectives of giving clients, the information and guideless they need to capitalize on opportunities and profits from investment. Clients range from large organization to prestigious institution and high net-work families and individuals looking for professional advice and actionable intelligence to assist with critical decision making.

How We Work

EGOC operates through a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals spread out across the globe. We offer specialist services including Trust and Estate Planning Services, effective and efficient wealth preservation, delegation and legacy planning. The specialists in our company help client's articulate estate planning goals and restructuring for optimal estate and tax planning.

Worksforce Solutions Specialized

We offer assets protection through expert advice on business management, accounting, transaction structuring and compliance related issues. The company also acts as administrative adviser in corporate re-structuring transaction to help ensure transparency and integrity. Our company gives clients access to the expert support and specialist assistance they need to carry out a wide range of transaction, investment and assessments while ensuring that safety and profitability are maximized.



For your kind information, we cover the following sectors:

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    Real Estate
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    Oil & Gas
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    Fire & Security
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    Facilities Management
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EGOC Workforce Services

EGOC offers HR consultancy to all small and big companies for newly changing laws or new legislation being introduced. We can provide HR support, advice and documentation that will give your organization the opportunity to offer a full and consistent approach to manage your team. We can provide all of the documentations that you need for your employees including contracts of employments, hand books, company policies and procedures. All of these can be bespoke for your business need.
We deal with your employee's feedback. We can help, develop and implement your competency framework, structure, process and provide online tools to help you and your employees record all the details and provide regular comments on development and performance. We can also provide help and even attend the face to face review meetings.
EGOC deals with the recruitment procedure too. People are life blood of business. Having the right person in the right place, at the right time, is crucial to an organization's performance. We don't work on the same model as a recruitment agency; a member of our team will act as your recruitment manager. We also deal with cost effective pricing and competitive pricing.
Either you have a one of project, would you like regular assistance or just want to call us on an ad-hoc basis, we have a cost effective solutions for you either on a retained or pay as you want service.