EGOC' manpower service is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, actively engaging in the forum events, industry programmes, dialogues and communities. Our company is a world leader in providing skillful manpower and innovative workforce solutions every day to various enterprises in the world. We communicate people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping the clients around the world. We address the complex workforce challenges faced by organizations today. We deliver effective solutions that drive your business forward.
EGOC' manpower service is a consultancy enabling foreign companies to pursue, grow and deliver business in the world. We also provide market entry advice, guidance, services, and infrastructure to expedite establishment of your business in any country. Our recruitment agency is very active in the field of recruitment. EGOC have special hiring team for retailers, hospitality industry, food sector, health care, technical industry and so on. All resumes are stored out on the basis of industry type, job opening, skills required, job structured- permanent or temporary. All these factors are considered by our consultants of any job requirement that we receive. This assures an in-detailed service with the least amount of money.

Basic Information

It is an independent international organization committed to improve the state of the world by providing productive and qualified manpower to employers. In this regard, we leave no stone unturned in providing skillful manpower to various organizations in order to achieve their goals.


Manpower is the backbone for a successful enterprise. Well trained and qualified manpower leads to success. Successful employers always seek potential manpower in this regard. Our Manpower Services Company is one of the best Manpower Services Companies round the globe.

How We Work

When our partners succeed, we succeed. We develop a keen understanding of our partners business and talent-related needs. We design customized solutions and deliver the talent you need to win. Having all the talent in the world, our company is fully capable to provide you all types of potentials and skills at your doorstep.

Manpower Services Specialized

Our manpower company makes every effort to enable foreign companies to access skilled, experienced and capable resources in the world. The challenges associated with the recruiting and employing personnel in the world can't be underestimated. Making sure that your company has the right to choose the right people for the right job with the help of our well qualified staff, having strong experience in advertising, selecting, recruiting and staffing the employees you need.



For your kind information, we cover the following sectors:

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    Automotive & Transport
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    Banking & Financial Services
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EGOC Manforce Solutions

EGOC' manpower services offers sponsorship services too. This is particularly relevant to expatriate employees of course but there are also specific requirement to different countries. Our company is a turn-key manpower provider along with the easiest solutions to overcoming the challenges of project mobilization and deployment. Foreign companies are provided consultants, contractors, professionals and even hassle-free Western expatriate.
We also provide and deliver a tailored, bespoke solution to your manpower needs.
Our experience and the nature of the other parts of your business mean that we can truly be a trusted and reliable partner for you in anywhere in the world. A global engineering and project management consultancy utilized our manpower services to expedite deployment of a multidisciplinary network communication team all around the world.
Therefore, our company enjoys a good reputation in the field of manpower provision, sponsorship service, bespoke solutions and to fulfill the requirements/needs of the manpower.