Integrated Facility Services is a mechanical contractor with broad expertise, deep capabilities and a passion for customers' satisfaction, quality workmanship, and energy saving technology. We offer all types of facilities just on one call everywhere in the world.
You will access our integrated services-HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), plumbing, building automation control, fire protection, and 24/7 services by one of the largest fleet of professional technicians in the all regions of the world working under the EGOC.
EGOC IFS solutions always welcomes you. Our mission is to continually grow and be recognized as a market leader in the facilities industry. At IFS, we pride ourselves on fulfilling all aspects of facility solutions for our clients, ensuring the sustainability of labour hire requirements. IFS offer government and private sector institutions a single point of contact and tailored solutions to a diverse range of facility management services. We are able to offer, through our extensive industry industry experience, a strategic, client-focused approach to facility management and service delivery that is innovative and reliable. Our goal is to become the provider of choice in the delivery of facility management and services throughout the world.

Basic Information

We approach your doorstep for 24 hours and our name says it all. Integrated facility services bring a unified solution to your facility service needs, with mechanical design, installation, 24/7 service, and planned maintenance programs to protect your investment. We deliver competitive pricing and guaranteed system performance, and can make a major impact on your energy and operating costs; both during construction and over the lifetime of your building.


Our team understands the unique needs, consideration and challenges of various specialty industries. Integrated Facility Services has extensive expertise in a broad range of clients industries, including healthcare, education, industrial, government, pharmaceutical, data processing, critical environments and more.

How We Work

Our safety program has great significance. At Integrated Facility Services (IFS), our motto is 'start safe, stay safe'. Our goal is a zero incident workplace, because we firmly believe that no injury or lost in a workday is acceptable. Safety can never be compromised, not under any circumstances. We develop, implement and monitor safety initiatives throughout the organization to maintain a safe and injury-free workplace.

Integrated Facility Specialized

EGOC help commercial properties operates more efficiently, comfortably and cost effectively. From HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) to complete facility maintenance; our experience, our oversight. Our team is your advantage. More than a consolidated vendor, we are a partner in your property maintenance. Our holistic and proactive services provide value-based solutions to deliver true ROI (return on investment). We have an expert staff to measure the profitability of your company. You will see our dedicated resources when you will become a partner with IFS. Our highly trained and fully certified team is assigned to a property and whether you will see our personnel once a month or once a day, the same people will report to ensure you have someone knowledgeable on site.


Integrated Facility SERVICES

For your kind information, we cover the following sectors:

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WHY EGOC'S Integrated Facility SERVICES

EGOC Integrated Facility Services

EGOC' technology drives efficiency and satisfaction to the core of your heart. You simply log a request and automation takes over. You will be fully aware of where we are, and when your problem is resolved. Our services are hands on and on-site. For virtually all of your service requests, you will see IFS staff on your site. That is because we employ only the most experienced staff in all aspects of facility maintenance. That includes HVAC, controls, general maintenance and more.
Our IFS offer a range of services in everywhere in the world. We provide all types of facilities to owners and managers such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, industrial facilities, healthcare establishments, distribution facility, airport and other transportation facilities.
Our IFS's commercial facility services capabilities include commercial janitorial/guards, maintenance workers, installations, maintenance and repair of HVAC-R, mechanical and electrical system, as well as other complementary services such as damage restoration and janitorial products manufacturing and distribution.