General Contracting Services Company working as branch of EGOC' has the experience, depth of resources and a well-known proven construction system to complete of the art automotive facilities anywhere in the world. Keeping in view the modern world necessities, we pay close attention to the latest auto industry development such as multilevel dealership with parking facilities, auto mall, car wash facilities and each manufacturer's design and image compliance specifications.

Basic Information

We have earned great fame from some of the largest dealerships in the world. We take pride in the quality every project, large or small. We are proud of our clients and our ability to continually attract clients who use us for multiple jobs attributing to our successful repeat business formula. The Auto Builders team consists of a qualified staff of construction professionals, and together we have completed hundreds of successful projects for car dealers around the world.


At our General Constructing Services, we offer a diverse and experienced background in both high-end residential construction and commercial contracting. Various amusement parks and paradise like luxury residential constructions are the mouth piece of our fame and significance in the world. We have a variety of project scopes underneath our belt.

How We Work

Our General Contracting Services is operated with strong family values passed down from generations of experience in the construction industry, and continues to be forged with strong community relationship. Our high standards for quality materials and workmanship radiate from the top down. Along with personal on-site supervision, all of our subcontractors and material suppliers are selected based on their reputation for having a commitment to delivering a top quality product in a timely manner.

General Contracting Specialized

Our design-build process was created with our customers in mind. The process allows for faster and easier building completions and with less hassle to you. Additional established design-build benefits include single source responsibility, early cost establishment, improved efficiency, team approach, a reduction in change orders, and enhanced risk management.



For your kind information, we cover the following sectors:

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    Architectural Drawings
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    Mechanical Drawings
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    Engineering Drawings
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    Site Evaluation
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    Site Development
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    Foundation Drawings



EGOC' deals Project Feasibility because Project Feasibility studies are an essential start to any large construction project. At our General Contracting services, our feasibility studies are preliminary studies taken in the very stage of a project. Typically, they are carried out for larger or more complex projects where there is a significant amount of controversy or doubt regarding the development of the project. EGOC' project feasibility studies establishes whether the project is viable or not. We offer pre-construction services.
At the beginning of your construction project, every decision is crucial to ensuring your vision aligns with the end result. That means starting every project off with the correct budget, timeline, and schedule front of mind. Our team will be with you every step of the way during your pre-construction phase in order to deliver your vision to life.
EGOC' General Contracting Services stand out from the rest. From inception to completion, we are implementing our customized resources to exceed expectation of each client. Our technical resources and professionals provide solutions to companies and projects of all sizes.